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Are you familiar with New York City? What about Berto Salotti? Well, here are both.

Berto Salotti - New York City - Design-ApartThere are projects that in themselves are news, undoubtedly, for a company like ours to have the opportunity to have a presence in New York is worthy of commentary and we are eager to share it with you.

It’s official: Berto Salotti will be in New York City, at 6th Avenue and 25th Street, as an official contributor to the “Living Showroom” by Design-Apart.

The real news, however, is the project itself and the two brilliant visionaries, Stefano Micelli and Diego Paccagnella, who we had the honor to encounter and appreciate long before having this opportunity to participate in the “Living Showroom” project. Introductions are probably not necessary because there is no doubt in our minds on the importance of the work of Stefano Micelli, well summed up in his best-selling book the, “Future Craftsman” of which we’ve talked a lot about in the past and certainly doesn’t hurt to repeat. At the same time, it is a pleasure to present Diego Paccagnella, founder of Design Apart.

We want to share with you, here and now, our commitment and more seriously our determination to improve – in Manhattan just as in Meda –the communication regarding the working history of “the Brianza,” where the hands of our craftsmen rank among the highest in Italy and the world. Diego Paccagnella - Design-Apart

The idea of working and confronting 14 other Italian signatures who represent the highest in quality manufacturing motivates us even further to communicate what we know best. There is a great deal at stake here and it’s not just the commercial success of one of the above companies over the other, but a powerful statement of the level of absolute quality that the Italian manufacturing system possesses. Moreover, the Living Showroom is original and dynamic just what the world expects from Italy.

Thank you Design-Apart for letting us be part of this project and for the challenge, it represents. We are putting forward our best efforts to make it a success. The date of the inauguration in New York is not yet fixed, but the preparatory work has already begun and will be ready for the fall.

So, in the meantime, why not book your visit.

Berto Salotti New York



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