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Can you figure the coffee tables? Delete these ideas and have fun with us!

Riff and BertO coffee tables stage and circus

When we firstly announced the new collection 2017 by BertO on these web pages, we did call it “a new vision”. If we could dare that much (we are almost used to new collections in every field, from design, to fashion and up to many other sectors), well, the reason is that we were looking […]

Lights turn on, excitement is growing…the main protagonist appears on the stage of the living room: Stage! The definition of coffee table is really not enough.

coffee table Stage front sofa

There are some highly customized accessories that they may perfectly fit into private residences as well as into important contract projects. It depends on the quantity of personality they have…. The story of design is full of “pieces” that are able to draw everyone’s attention in a room, maybe just due to the hidden position […]

Like a musical riff, the coffee table Riff shows its strong personality. But it may perform all interpretations, even yours ;-)

Riff coffee table in marquinia marble

Recognizable and unforgettable like some musical riffs you can’t stop singing and keep you company with their melody, the coffee table Riff has the special characteristic of being original and adaptable at the same time. Any position you place it in your furniture fitting, the coffee table Riff never misses a chord. It is made […]

Bed Chelsea. You dream to awaken at the Chelsea Hotel, of course.

chelsea bed custom made

We love music, literature and….passions, and we have decided to honor an iconic place like the Chelsea Hotel in New York with a name for a product out of our collection. We refer to the New York of the CBGB’S and the Ramones, to the Seventies with Andy Warhol and Nico, to the myths like […]

“Please hold the line”, BertO Friend Club Lounge

We are told that someone is dialing our number +39-0362-333082 just to listen to the music of our answering machine. We are told that someone is dialing our number +39-0362-333082 just to listen to the music waiting to be connected. For instance on YouTube with the cover by The Nutley Brass/Hybrid Moments on in the […]

Mike! You can enjoy a unique show every single evening, as if in a “live”.

Mike TV cabinet

An evening spent in front of the TV is one of the most common things in life we all enjoy, a common ritual with a special performance every evening; we do not only refer to TV shows but we are talking about the location where it takes place: our living. As the stage is getting […]

LaMadrid: Textile design that looks at Europe

Tessuti LaMadrid collezione tessile berto

The BertO Textile Collection includes exclusive fabrics and a refined selection of internationally renowned historic brands. LaMadrid is an original core brand with a Mediterranean look. La Madrid is a Spanish textile editor very well known all around the world as for design, high quality products and creativity with a modern and ethno-chic style. The […]

An upholsterer at the Italian parliament. Today Filippo Berto is attending the Wwworkers Barcamp at the Chamber of Deputies

wwworkers 2017 barcamp Berto Salotti

“Worktrends, the Italian way to the future of work”: this is the title of the meeting occurring today, Thursday 8th June 2017, at the Sala Regina by the Chamber of Deputies in Rome. Filippo Berto with other 25 “excellent” Italian businessmen takes part in the edition 2017 of the Wwworkers Camp. The afternoon is really […]

New Collection #Berto2017. We feel like calling it New Vision.

chelsea bed custom made

We present you now a new collection, which is always an amazing and extraordinary moment for all of us. Uncountable hands, spoken words, drawings, corrections, and drawings again, prototypes and people have been used to get to this point: we would like to present you our new challenge. But in this year 2017 – if […]

19th May 2017: Stefano Maffei and Stefano Micelli, Live @ #BertoLive!

Stefano Micelli, Stefano Maffei e Filippo Berto

There are few hours left up to the event we have been preparing during these weeks: the evening dedicated to the phenomenon “Maker”, together with a special group of “artisan minds”: Stefano Schiavo – author of the book “#MAKER – Cosa chiedono le aziende agli artigiani digitali“ and main protagonist of the event – will […]

New craftsmanship, makers, crafters and crochet: we introduce you Gaia Segattini, with us on Friday, 19th May, for the presentation of the book “Maker” by Stefano Schiavo

gaia segattini a bertolive

We have already met Gaia Segattini: she was sitting on our sofas #BertoLive having a look among the vinyl records while talking with Filippo Berto about digital manufacturing, punk and street style. Starting from that first meeting new ideas were born and, above all, one promise: we asked her to come back one day for […]

BertO 3D at the service of creative makers and design: we are on Archiproducts!

Divano Joey berto salotti 3d

Designed for architects, design studios, sellers and business customers, decorators, suppliers, resellers and producers, the 3D BertO Collection is available for all professionals of the Design system! Architect and designers can enter the 3D files related to the BertO products thanks to the platform Archiproducts, an inspirational online network created for design and architecture. Just […]


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