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The first time (with our chair for the dining room) is unforgettable! Welcome to our chair Judy!

Judy fabric chair and legs in solid beach wood

We present our modern and elegant chair with refined details, such as the contrast or tone-on-tone color trim: it provides the perfect atmosphere for a dinner surrounded by comfort. This chair is produced totally handmade in our BertO Fine Upholstery Tailoring and is custom made available as for finishing and details. The name of this […]

Sanderson Fabrics: royal elegance in the BertO Fabric Collection.

Tessuti sanderson collezione tessile berto

We constantly renew our selection of the BertO Fabric Collection proposing exclusive fabrics, latest news and a refined selection of famous brands. Sanderson is one of these brands. But we are not the only ones who have chosen it! Founded by Arthur Sanderson in 1860, Sanderson is an internationally famous brand as for interior design […]

Sport or Comfort? Joey, your relax sofa totally custom made!

joey sectional sofa with removable chaise longue and Judy chairs

The sofa Joey with removable chaise longue is the latest product of the Collection 2016. We have created the sofa Joey in our laboratory with one idea in our mind: we would like to satisfy every single request for comfort and design coming from our customers and let them become the real designers of their […]

The exhibition New Craft ended. Now the revolution begins!

New craft con stefano micelli

Last Monday one of the most revolutionary events of the last years has come to its end: we are talking about the exhibition New Craft, which was held by Stefano Micelli for the event “Design after Design” at the XXI Triennale in Milan. How could we define it? It was not simply an exhibition, but […]

New Collection 2016: become the designer of your own comfort!

comfort and sectional sofa joey

We are really happy to present you our new Collection of design products: every single item in the collection is custom made available and offers an exclusive and totally personalized comfort. The Collection 2016 includes linear and sectional sofas, coffee tables, tables, armchairs and chairs. We started from an important point of view: we would […]

A special tool box for your furniture project.

BertO samples box

Starting from today you can find a special tool box in our BertO Fine Upholstery Tailoring: a “jewelry” box, a tailoring case, a tool box for you and for you customers’ furniture projects. It includes a wide selection of materials, details and finishing you can mix and use to create exclusive combinations. You will be […]

72 turns of Circus for your project.

Circus modern coffee table

Details can transform every single idea into an exclusive project and accessories can make the difference: they create contrasting matches or define the profiles of the most important furniture. That is the reason why we created an exclusive collection of coffee tables designed by BertO Design Studio, which are the perfect accessories for our sofas, […]

The most exciting experiences in 2016, first part (enjoy your summer holidays)!

Il team BertO a New Craft triennale di milano

The first seven months of 2016 have been characterized by many events and we got great satisfaction from them. Today we have decided to stop for a while to gather our ideas, to sum up what happened and to greet you for some days. On 17th August we will be back again for new things […]

Let’s light up design and 3D Print!

Maggiolina design Lamp 3d printing

No, let’s say we have not started yet with the 3D print sofas. Yes, the sofas of our new collection 2016 (have a look at the preview here) are illuminated by special lamps produced by .exnovo, the first company in Italy and among the first ones in Europe to use all new technologies of additive […]

vanessa4newcraft: today it is a video!

Video Vanessa4newcraft

It was not that easy to shoot the video vanessa4newcraft because what happened on the 7th June went beyond our expectations. It was great, a rich and emotional experience. Thus, we would like to thank all crowdcrafters but, above all, a special thank to Mauro, Alessandro, Fabrizio and Piero for shooting this video. It was […]

”Gli Italici” by Piero Bassetti. Who they are and what we can learn from them.

Piero Bassetti convegno Italici alla villa Reale di Monza

On Monday, 13th June, I took part in the meeting Italic people. The new commonwealth as a business factor for Italians firms on the international market The meeting, held inside the beautiful Villa Reale in Monza, was promoted by Globus et Locus, Voices from the Blogs, CSIL – Centro Studi industria leggera, Centro AltreItalie and […]

Think out of the box: Roberto Bonzio’s message after the event in Meda

Roberto Bonzio presenta Italiani di frontiera a meda da Berto salotti

A very special public attended yesterday the presentation event of Roberto Bonzio’s book Italiani di Frontiera: about seventy people on a Thrusday evening in Brianza for a book presentation. All our partners, businessmen, suppliers, friends, institutional representatives and young people were sitting here to listen to Roberto Bonzio’s stories: his stories are not about fairy […]


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