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Ahia! Sometimes working with passion hurts… but this too is the #Spiritof74

New Craft

Working days are like little daily epics. Sometimes it’s a war story, sometimes a romantic novel and sometimes an adventure film. But always, without exception, working for us is something profound and challenging and where, at the end of our working day, there is not always a happy ending. When people work hard, when they […]

A year with #BertoTorino

Donato Gentile berto salotti divani torino

11th November 2017: the doors of our furniture shop in Turin opened for the first time. We remember as if it were yesterday how emotional we felt at being in such a beautiful showroom, our showroom, perhaps the most beautiful of all. The thrill we felt at seeing our sofas on display in a special […]

Why driving a BertO Van leads you straight…..into our book.

laboratorio divani BertO Meda

As you already know because we have mentioned it many times: we are writing our first book. This publication, which we are putting together with the help of external contributions,  has a precise aim, based on key words which, in our opinion, are a reference for anyone who wants to live happily the passion they […]

Interview with the designers Castello Lagravinese Studio + Filippo Berto, second part.

Designers berto salotti Castello Lagravinese

A few weeks ago we announced the names of the people who, together with us, work conscientiously to create every model in our collection. We had a chat with our Art Directors Alessandro Castello and Mari Lagravinese of Castello Lagravinese Studio about the challenges which we have faced together over the last few years. But […]

Territory. Another word without which we wouldn’t exist.

BertO salotti meda Team

Among the many key words (as we mentioned before, there are 74,) which make up the 74 pages of the book we are writing, there is also this one: territory. We hardly ever think about it except perhaps when we need to take the van for a delivery … but that’s not territory, that is… […]

9 years old but it doesn’t feel like it. Happy Birthday #BertoRome!

Showroom Berto Salotti Roma via appai nuova 1291

On the 26th September 2009, exactly nine years ago, our Berto Salotti showroom opened in Rome. Standing at the door was the Store Manager Fabio Asnaghi, together with Filippo (Berto) and Maurizio Riva, manager of the BertO Customer Service. Nine years later we can look back with pride at the wonderful thing we have constructed […]

What music can you listen to surfing the world of BertO?

PlayBertoLive la playlist dello spazio bertolive

It may not seem relevant mentioning music when we deal with design, sartorial upholstery and furnishing,  but then…. What is one of the most pleasant and comforting sensations we look for in our surroundings when we are perhaps relaxing on a comfortable sofa? Exactly: music. Let’s confess it, we have selected our musical collection with […]

Talking with BertO? It’s never been easier!

showroom berto salotti

There are lots of ways of talking to us. About anything you like: a sofa, a bed, a furnishing project, a contract.  But we can also talk about books, discs and new projects. So here are all the ways in which you can have a chat with us. Where are the Berto Salotti Showrooms in […]

The first word of our book is this: Father.

We are writing a book, as some of you already know. A book dedicated to the passion for our work, dedicated to the good luck  – which some of us have – to be able to spend our time doing that which we enjoy and for this reason living a life which is full of […]

Behind every sofa there’s a great mind. Or rather two (who also know how to use their hands).

Lit Chelsea sur mesure berto salotti

Among the enormous number of talented designers for which Italy is renowned, we are convinced that the union between societies and these professional figures is not totally casual. Maybe it’s magic but it also requires special attention because it is one of the essential ingredients which determine the success or failure of a project. In […]

From Francesco Cancellato’s book and from his presentation yesterday evening we learnt many things. Also the words which should never be used.

Presentazione Libro Francesco Cancellato Né sfruttati né bamboccioni a BertoLive

Yesterday, the 27th June 2018, in the BertoLive area of the showroom in Meda , we took part in a remarkable evening focused on a book and on it’s author. We were able to talk with the managing director of Linkiesta, Francesco Cancellato, about the many themes presented in his latest book “Né sfruttati né […]

From Francesco Cancellato’s beautiful book: inspiration for us, inspiration for young people

spirito del 74

Next 27th June Francesco Cancellato will be in the BertoLive area in Meda to tell us how his book came to be, a book which for us is really precious because the subject he writes about is very close to our hearts: the future for our young people.  We have read it and we strongly […]


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