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We present you Johnny: a sofa with something less than other sofas. And a video clip to explain what we mean.

If you want to improve and reach an excellent level, well, it does not mean you always have to add something to what you do: sometimes you need to remove something. And what do you think about removing a problem? The sofa Johnny exactly represents what we mean and in order to explain it to […]

How to become the designer of your own comfort: the movie. Featuring the sofa Joey.

Only a star like our sofa Joey with removable Chaise Longue could take part in a video that is able to turn everyone into a new designer. A common designer? Absolutely not! The designer of your own comfort! Why? Because there is no coincidence in comfort at certain levels; because it is about a very […]

What shall we find beyond the showroom, beyond the shop, beyond the commerce? A beer in the fridge.

Craft Beer #BertoLive italian record club

By BertO we have always tried to go “beyond”, to take some steps farther. Since the firm was founded, our founders have always tried to go “beyond”. (Beyond the perfect Capitonné: perfectly realized and in a very short time… These were the key words by our beloved Fioravante). “Beyond” is the right word to describe […]

What do the “Ramones” have in common with a chesterfield sofa? Try and see!

bertolive Ramones vinyl record collection

Since #BertoLive was born this is exactly the most scaring question we are afraid of. We see you wondering what we are talking about and that is the reason why we have decided to face it up directly without any hesitation: we know that while you are sitting on the chesterfield sofa with capitonné finishing, […]

When lights turn off in our company.

Carlo Berto co-fondatore berto salotti

There is a moment in every company when you turn off the lights and people go home. But Giorgio Berto doesn’t. He doesn’t leave. He keeps on working even during these Christmas Holidays when all the others may take some days off. He stays and works where tailors, seamstresses and upholsterers are used to have […]

The armchairs Emilia and Vanessa Capitonné, two main protagonists of the New Collection.

Vanessa Capitonné Armchair berto salotti furniture collection

The armchairs Vanessa and Emilia Capitonné are our modern proposals for your living room, but we cannot forget that they hide a long history of tradition and research. Inspired by the Collection Atelier but with a new look in the New BertO Collection, the armchairs Vanessa and Emilia have been subjected to many changes even […]

We keep on asking ourselves why you should choose us. The new campaign #WhyBerto 2017.

video percheberto berto salotti

It was in 2011 when we decided to start, even if with many doubts, a new strategic way of communication by using videos. The name of that campaign was – #WhyBerto – which actually means much more than a simple name. #WhyBerto means a lot for all of us: it is a kind of a […]

From the Record Clubs in London to the Loving Room of #BertoLive? Why not?

bertolive-record club vinyl collection

We have already explained how that particular corner in the BertO showroom with a record player, many vinyl records and beers has been especially created according to our passion without considering any trend or mood. It simply belongs to our lives: the idea of a special place inside our showroom totally dedicated to something different […]

Denim, a special fabric in the BertO Textile Collection.

rivestimento denim per divani e poltrone berto

The BertO Textile Collection goes beyond the classical fabric idea and proposes an unconventional cover as for furniture: the Denim. Yes, we are talking about the most famous mixture of linen and cotton fabric around the world, the mostly used fabric in fashion design. The innovative and constant researches as for textiles made by Berto […]

It’s more than a part of the showroom, #BertoLive is an important part in our world.

bertolive showroom berto meda

Something is happening in our BertO Showroom in Meda: the typical ton-sur-ton shades of the showroom give space to stronger colors and more precise tastes, a big black fridge contains special hand brewed iced biers and the soundtrack is made up of rare vinyl records you can play directly on the record player near the […]

Linen made by Society: dress your home (and the BertO beds) as if you dress yourself

Biancheria e lenzuola Society

Thanks to the cooperation with the brand Society we have been dressing our beds with a new look. Society is a company that belongs to Limonta Group, a historical textile company founded in 1893 in Costa Masnaga (Lecco). It is more than a Made in Italy brand; it is rather a Made in Brianza brand. […]

#BertoLive: welcome in the showroom where the sofa is the last thing you will pay attention to.

BertoLive showroom Berto Salotti Meda

From the fine scent of leather up to the great taste of home brewed beer, from the Ramones music up to the capitonné finishing. Welcome in the showroom where the sofa is the last thing you will pay attention to. How can we define a shop nowadays? What is the meaning of “Showroom” for a […]


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