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From Francesco Cancellato’s beautiful book: inspiration for us, inspiration for young people

spirito del 74

Next 27th June Francesco Cancellato will be in the BertoLive area in Meda to tell us how his book came to be, a book which for us is really precious because the subject he writes about is very close to our hearts: the future for our young people.  We have read it and we strongly […]

74 key words to live passionately your own job: the book!

Spirito del 74 berto salotti

You have just read the title of the book we are writing! Maybe we should explain before you start to think that we have changed our profession. No, we have no intention of becoming writers, not at all. But we certainly aim to transmit, in a correct and organised form, the nucleus and the heart […]

The COMMITTEE meets for the second time. The reason? Ask Jackie.

Il KOMITATO riunito per creare la sedia Jackie di Berto Salotti

A frantic afternoon in the BertO laboratory because, believe us, we are all excited and apprehensive when we face a new project. We are not talking about a millionaire contract but the creation of a new chair, of that which could seem to be just a simple chair. The Jackie chair. Which, let me tell […]

A Meda, sitting around a table, talking about the future.

studente tappezzeria progetto divanoxmanagua

On Friday 18th May we were invited to a round table to talk about our future. Together with the Councilor of Youth Policies of the municipality of Meda, Andrea Donadello, and with the Terragni School of Meda, we started to plan together – societies, schools and  institutions – a way to promote the school and […]

Why are there 1000 Time Break but not one the same as the other? #WhyTimeBreak

Time Break sectional sofa berto salotti made in italy

In perfect style #WhyBerto, “Why TimeBreak?” is a question but it is also an answer. We posed this question to our upholsterers and our furnishing consultants who daily meet our clients from Veneto, Piedmont, Lombardy and Lazio and who speak with the rest of Italy (and the world). We have been inspired by its infinite […]

When the hands of a president touch the hands of a master craftsman. That is the “Spirit of 74”.

berto e lo spirito del 74

Obviously when Prime Minister Gentiloni shook hands with Filippo Berto on 16th March 2018 during the presentation of the Radical Green Awards in Trento, it was an emotional moment for us. But thinking about it, it was no more emotional than when we saw Nicoletta and Flavio –  important craftsmen in our society – smile […]

Passepartout sofa bed, supreme comfort

Passepartout sofa bed berto salotti

Do you know why the new Passepartout sofa bed has supreme comfort? Look at its backrests: three soft cushions padded with goose-down which embrace your shoulders and make every moment a special moment of relaxation. Furthermore, their original square shape exalts the form of the sofa and creates a contrast with the single seat cushion […]

A relaxing guide for choosing a mattress for the BertO sofa bed.

robinson sofa bed with spring mattress berto salotti

The BertO collection of made-to-measure sofa beds is different not only for the design but also for the incredible comfort that has nothing to envy of “real sofas”. And for a good night’s sleep? As well as an electro-welded base or a base with beechwood slats, we are happy to offer mattresses which will satisfy […]

Leather or not leather, this is the question. A single act with Nemo sofa bed.

Nemo nabuk leather sofa bed made to measure

The double sofa bed in leather model Nemo has been placed on innumerable floors since the year it was presented to the public for the first time. Today it has come back with exclusive upholstery in Nabuk leather in the BertO Blonde Collection. Yes, that’s right, a sofa bed, a Nemo, upholstered in leather. Daring? Yes, […]

A moment of silence to remember our co-founder. And then the sounds of the laboratory to remember the future.

Fioravante Berto fondatore Berto Salotti 1974

As on the 25th March every year, our Society dedicated a few minutes to the memory of Fioravante Berto, who, together with his brother Carlo, founded our society. Among the many things he bequeathed to us when he left this life prematurely on 25th March 2013 was his policy of always looking towards the future. […]

How to furnish 7 different homes with just one sofa bed. Haven’t you ever heard of Gulliver?

gulliver sofa bed - berto salotti collection 2018

The Gulliver double sofa bed has returned completely revolutionised and with just one aim, to become the protagonist of your furnishing project thanks to new technology, details and padding, all to satisfy your ever changing needs for comfort. And it’s for this reason that we have had fun thinking of all the situations in which […]

New BertO Collection: a light has been turned on ;-)

gulliver italian sofa bed

One of the many novelties we are presenting with our new 2018 Collection regards lighting and a successful collaboration with an incredibly original society. We are talking about the lamps of Creative Cables. We wondered if lighting could accompany our proposals and styles? What illuminating idea could go hand in hand with our collection? The […]


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