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What does the opening of a shop (another one) mean? Some considerations before BertOPadua.

showroom berto salotti padova

If people that do not know us so well take a look at the latest news published during the past months (opening of the showroom Berto Salotti Turin and now opening of Berto Salotti Padua) might think we are another umpteenth franchising shops chain. We see so many shops of that kind around us, in […]

Work is love made visible. Even with a small pickup.

azienda berto salotti meda

30 Some years ago we used to deliver three items every Saturday with our pickup, me, my Uncle Angelo and my neighbors Tony and Laudino and I could not even expect the amount of products delivered by our company in 2017. And I had not read yet this beautiful phrase of the poet Gibran: “Work […]

Here the images of the new opening of #BertoTorino.

Last night we have opened the doors of our BertO showroom in Turin to more than 90 people who have decided to share with us a very special moment. First of all, Marco Crepaldi and Donato Gentile, Store Manager and Interior Designer, were there to welcome all guests coming from Turin and Piedmont, but even […]

BertO Opening Live: the new #BertoTurin will be opened tonight!

Berto Torino

On 18th September we announced the new opening of the store BertO in Turin with a post on this blog. Two months later we have opened the doors of the new store in Turin, Corso Verona 16, right on a Saturday of mid November. At the opening there were Marco Crepaldi, our Store Manager, and […]

We have opened two things in Turin, Corso Verona 16. One of the two is a shop.

clienti showroom BertO torino

Between the two things we have opened last Saturday in Turin, the shop is not the most important one. It is not so easy so say such a thing right after a long period of hard work – 8 weeks ago we have signed the contract for the space and the day before yesterday we […]

What does a PMI company do on the stage for the celebration of the digital technology in Italy?

Artigeni festa puntoit

On 24th November in Milan we took part in the event for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the domain “.it”: three decades have passed since Italy appeared in the digital world with domains indicating the Italian origin. Our company is one of the three millions subjects that has registered its domain online with […]

#BertoTurin: some talks with Marco Crepaldi

marco crepaldi showroom berto salotti torino

Our first news (already revealed some weeks ago): we are about to open a new showroom in Turin. Our second news: Marco Crepaldi will be the store manager of the new BertO showroom in Corso Verona 16, Turin. The opening of a new shop is always something delicate and the result (but even the beginning […]

Riot Crrraft: or the birth of the COMMITTEE. And of the armchair Hanna.

Some days ago we have presented you the armchair Hanna and explained what it means for us. Today we are actually proud to introduce you to the valiant members of the Riot Crrraft, a movement arisen out of the meeting between men and women and the most colorful expressions from Brianza; they have strongly worked […]

Hanna: we present you an armchair with a lot of things to say. Does it remind someone to you?

Hanna Armchair

Some months ago, while we were prototyping the armchair Hanna and the models of the new Collection, a special record played inside our weekly meeting dedicated to the vinyl records of #BertoLive: “Bikini Kill”, a song of the group with the same name. It was not simply a coincidence. If you are wondering what the […]

Can you figure the coffee tables? Delete these ideas and have fun with us!

Riff and BertO coffee tables stage and circus

When we firstly announced the new collection 2017 by BertO on these web pages, we did call it “a new vision”. If we could dare that much (we are almost used to new collections in every field, from design, to fashion and up to many other sectors), well, the reason is that we were looking […]

Lights turn on, excitement is growing…the main protagonist appears on the stage of the living room: Stage! The definition of coffee table is really not enough.

coffee table Stage front sofa

There are some highly customized accessories that they may perfectly fit into private residences as well as into important contract projects. It depends on the quantity of personality they have…. The story of design is full of “pieces” that are able to draw everyone’s attention in a room, maybe just due to the hidden position […]

Like a musical riff, the coffee table Riff shows its strong personality. But it may perform all interpretations, even yours ;-)

Riff coffee table in marquinia marble

Recognizable and unforgettable like some musical riffs you can’t stop singing and keep you company with their melody, the coffee table Riff has the special characteristic of being original and adaptable at the same time. Any position you place it in your furniture fitting, the coffee table Riff never misses a chord. It is made […]


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