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Leather sofas? New proposals in limited edition.

Time Break Leather sofa Berto Salotti italy

The BertO Sofa Collection in Leather in Limited Edition is renewed! Sofas in leather produced by hand with the same care with which we have chosen the upholstery, the details which best suit leather such as the cut, the pinched or double stitching and the most contemporary colours to furnish both the day and night […]

Leather. Full-grain leather.

Christian leather sofa

In the ’70s, the Berto brothers began their history as artisans of fine leather upholstered sofas. Fioravante Berto in fact was injured by one of the first cutting machines that came onto the market. “We produced sofas and prototypes of furniture for many large companies and designers who later became important names in Italy.” We […]

7 months with Berto. What happened? #unpodisuccesso

Filippo Berto - crowdcrafting sofa4manhattan

It’s time to take stock of what we have done and give credit to the people responsible.     In the past seven months, we have faced more challenges than ever before. Looking back allows us to recognize how every project connects us to one another. The calendar marks days and months, but there was […]

Any idea how you could spend the holidays on Time Break our white leather sofa?


Christmas is just around the corner, with this post we would like to lead you into a pristine time of year by allowing you to imagine how you would spend the holidays relaxing in total elegance. So, we asked ourselves: “Which sofa would we choose to pass our Christmas holiday?” It was easy for us […]


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