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Why are there 1000 Time Break but not one the same as the other? #WhyTimeBreak

Time Break sectional sofa berto salotti made in italy

In perfect style #WhyBerto, “Why TimeBreak?” is a question but it is also an answer. We posed this question to our upholsterers and our furnishing consultants who daily meet our clients from Veneto, Piedmont, Lombardy and Lazio and who speak with the rest of Italy (and the world). We have been inspired by its infinite […]

Can we explain the beauty of our table Ring in a video? It’s impossible. It is better to rely on maths.

Ring round table

It is always a great challenge for us to describe the magic of our design furniture, or to narrate the long tradition of our master artisans behind an item or even to underline the power of a custom made product. A difficult challenge for sure, but everyone knows we like the most difficult things as […]

Radio Rai 1 was wondering… Why the campaign #WhyeBerto

Eta Beta, radio Rai 1 filippo berto

On Monday, 30th January, we took part in the radio program Eta Beta, a daily radio broadcast on Radio Rai 1. The main argument of the day was the digital experience with a particular focus on the proper approach for the Italian companies and for all people that would like to create their own business. The […]

Our chair Judy is nice and smart. Will this video be the same?

Judy fabric chair and legs in solid beach wood

It is not easy to create and realize an accessory you can define as “nice” because…on one hand “de gustibus non disputandum”, and on the other one sofas, tables and chairs are subjected to technical and functional characteristics many producers perfectly know. And what’s more, it is not even easy to find nice and functional […]

We present you Johnny: a sofa with something less than other sofas. And a video clip to explain what we mean.

johnny sofa with one-piece frame

If you want to improve and reach an excellent level, well, it does not mean you always have to add something to what you do: sometimes you need to remove something. And what do you think about removing a problem? The sofa Johnny exactly represents what we mean and in order to explain it to […]

We keep on asking ourselves why you should choose us. The new campaign #WhyBerto 2017.

video percheberto berto salotti

It was in 2011 when we decided to start, even if with many doubts, a new strategic way of communication by using videos. The name of that campaign was – #WhyBerto – which actually means much more than a simple name. #WhyBerto means a lot for all of us: it is a kind of a […]

Our videos made by hand. The new ideas #WhyBerto are coming soon.

Joey sectional sofa whyberto video

It was long time ago when we shoot our videos by using the Nokia phone and put them on our YouTube Channel: we had no experience about the procedure and were even frightened by the power of YouTube and Internet. But today we are emotionally involved in the realization of the new videos we are […]


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