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What music can you listen to surfing the world of BertO?

PlayBertoLive la playlist dello spazio bertolive

It may not seem relevant mentioning music when we deal with design, sartorial upholstery and furnishing,  but then…. What is one of the most pleasant and comforting sensations we look for in our surroundings when we are perhaps relaxing on a comfortable sofa? Exactly: music. Let’s confess it, we have selected our musical collection with […]

Just 90 seconds is enough to describe the Amazon Go shop without staff. For us 40 years of experience is not enough to train a member of staff. Who is right?

johnny blue petrol sofa

Have you seen the video which, in 90 seconds, tells of the revolution of the shop? We have. And here is our reply to the above question: we are both right. It’s obvious that the logic of the large retailers (we believe that, as well as Amazon and its Amazon Go, other giants of online […]

Good ideas always come together: when factories open their doors – and their ears – to let culture in.

Kristalia corriere della sera

Good ideas always come together. In Corriere della Sera on Monday 15th January, we read an article entitled “Want to come to a concert in the factory?” and we immediately thought how good it was to read about nationally important companies leading the way with initiatives of this type. Many companies were named, each with […]

“Please hold the line”, BertO Friend Club Lounge

We are told that someone is dialing our number +39-0362-333082 just to listen to the music of our answering machine. We are told that someone is dialing our number +39-0362-333082 just to listen to the music waiting to be connected. For instance on YouTube with the cover by The Nutley Brass/Hybrid Moments on in the […]

An upholsterer at the Italian parliament. Today Filippo Berto is attending the Wwworkers Barcamp at the Chamber of Deputies

wwworkers 2017 barcamp Berto Salotti

“Worktrends, the Italian way to the future of work”: this is the title of the meeting occurring today, Thursday 8th June 2017, at the Sala Regina by the Chamber of Deputies in Rome. Filippo Berto with other 25 “excellent” Italian businessmen takes part in the edition 2017 of the Wwworkers Camp. The afternoon is really […]

19th May 2017: Stefano Maffei and Stefano Micelli, Live @ #BertoLive!

Stefano Micelli, Stefano Maffei e Filippo Berto

There are few hours left up to the event we have been preparing during these weeks: the evening dedicated to the phenomenon “Maker”, together with a special group of “artisan minds”: Stefano Schiavo – author of the book “#MAKER – Cosa chiedono le aziende agli artigiani digitali“ and main protagonist of the event – will […]

New craftsmanship, makers, crafters and crochet: we introduce you Gaia Segattini, with us on Friday, 19th May, for the presentation of the book “Maker” by Stefano Schiavo

gaia segattini a bertolive

We have already met Gaia Segattini: she was sitting on our sofas #BertoLive having a look among the vinyl records while talking with Filippo Berto about digital manufacturing, punk and street style. Starting from that first meeting new ideas were born and, above all, one promise: we asked her to come back one day for […]

The skillful hands of Patrizia Bolzan: three questions and a “see you soon” at the presentation of the book “#Maker”.

tecnificio marcello pirovano patrizia bolzan

As we are approaching the presentation of the book “Maker” by Stefano Schiavo, by #BertoLive we are getting deeper in the “Maker” atmosphere. And during this time we are getting closer to people and situations in order to be able to understand this phenomenon and to get ready for the meeting on Friday, 19th May, […]

It is easy to say “Maker”. Interview with Marcello Pirovano.

Marcello Pirovano e stefano micelli new craft

There is so much talk about the “Maker phenomenon”. On 19th May @ #BertoLive Stefano Schiavo will talk about his book “#Maker. Cosa cercano le aziende dagli artigiani digitali” (“#Maker. What companies expect from digital artisans”), published by Franco Angeli. There will be so many arguments to discuss during the event, but we will have […]

Awaiting #Maker: 3 questions to Stefano Schiavo, rather 4.

Stefano Schiavo sul Sofa4manhattan

By #BertoLive we are getting everything ready to meet Stefano Schiavo on 19th May for the presentation of his book “#Maker”. During that event we would like to talk about the themes related to Stefano’s activity – we identify ourselves with them every day inside our company: digital craftsmanship (and not!), the abilities to develop […]

#BertoLive on 19th May 2017: Stefano Schiavo “Live” with his book #Maker!

a bertolive la presentazione del libro maker di stefano schiavo

When someone enters #BertoLive with his passion, we feel a new energy as if our batteries got an extra charge: you immediately start feeling something new in the air, you get a nice feeling of pleasant curiosity around the room and the atmosphere is full of positive wait for something to come. As far as […]

The identification with details is easier than expected. Words by Gaia Segattini.

intervista gaia segattini bertolive

Some weeks ago Gaia Segattini came and see us, she is a friend of ours that ”has a pathological curiosity for everything happening on the international scene; since 2006 I have developed a real passion for the American crafts movement thanks to its contents related to simplicity, to creativity and to social revolution.” That is […]


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