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Leather. Full-grain leather.

Christian leather sofa

In the ’70s, the Berto brothers began their history as artisans of fine leather upholstered sofas. Fioravante Berto in fact was injured by one of the first cutting machines that came onto the market. “We produced sofas and prototypes of furniture for many large companies and designers who later became important names in Italy.” We […]

Leder. Vollnarbenleder.

Modular Ecksofa aus Leder Christian

In den 70er Jahren haben die Gebrüder Berto ihre Polstererwerkstatt eröffnet und die ersten Ledersofas hergestellt. Fioravante Berto hat selbst an einer der ersten Lederpressen, die in diesen Jahren auf den Markt kamen, gearbeitet und persönlich das Leder zugeschnitten. Wir haben Sofas und Prototypen für viele wichtige Firmen hergestellt, sowie für Designer, die in diesen […]

The new collection of Chesterfield sofas and armchairs by Berto is enriched by Richmond and Kingdom.

We have five new elegant products for spring 2012 and as promised we’ll tell you about each in future posts, however if you are curious they are already available online and in our showrooms! The post today is dedicated to our new collection of Berto Chesterfields; the sofa Richmond and the ultra new armchair Kingdom. […]


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