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FuoriSalone 2017: the sofa that goes beyond the idea of a standard sofa and becomes a friend in your life. Its name is Meda.

divano meda design giulio iacchetti prodotto da BertO

You may ask everything to a friend, especially in a moment of need. “I need to relax.” “I need to work.” “I need to let my children play.” “I need to relax my feet.” “I need to have an extra bed for a unexpected relative.” “I need to have a free large top surface.” “I […]

More than Fuori Salone, more than a sofa. Milan Design Week 2017: a BertO project with Interno Italiano.

Divano Meda al FuoriSalone 2017

There are some moments when you feel excited by experiencing and there are some places you get inspiration from. And above all there are people that – thanks to their talent and vision – inspire you. We are talking about a certain period for the design world that is famous and appreciated all over the […]

7 months with Berto. What happened? #unpodisuccesso

Filippo Berto - crowdcrafting sofa4manhattan

It’s time to take stock of what we have done and give credit to the people responsible.     In the past seven months, we have faced more challenges than ever before. Looking back allows us to recognize how every project connects us to one another. The calendar marks days and months, but there was […]


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