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Meeting the #sofa4manhattan designers: 3 questions to Marcel Marquez.

Marcel Marquez Designer

As you know, we are sharing views on Design and Co-creation experiences with all the designers involved in the January Co-design session, when – in the beautiful premises of the Design-Apart loft – we have worked together in order to define the best possible concept for a Manhattan sofa. The result of this exceptional team effort is […]

Meeting the #sofa4manhattan designers: 3 questions to Gianni Zanin.

Gianni Zanin

We are happy to continue the small series of interviews to the designers involved with the sofa4manhattan design workshop of last January at Design-Apart with Gianni Zanin. While currently Gianni is a senior designer at Martha Stewart, where he oversees the company’s kitchenware collections, in his free time he likes to experiment in furniture making. We enjoyed […]

– 2 giorni al crowdcrafting di New York #sofa4manhattan. Ecco il team di designer che ha progettato il divano che realizzeremo.

Team designer divano Berto sofa4manhattan

In un modo che mai avremmo creduto possibile, per una piccola azienda di tappezzeria sartoriale come Berto, ci siamo ritrovati qualche settimana fa al centro di un design workshop newyorkese, dove designer di altro livello lavoravano con noi per definire il miglior divano possibile per Manhattan. E invece, grazie a Design-Apart, il sogno sofa4manhattan è […]

2 days to go to the sofa crowd-crafting workshop in New York. Introducing the team who designed #sofa4manhattan.

berto design team for sofa4manhattan

Imagine being in New York City, surrounded by top talent, world-class designers, trying to figure out the best possible sofa for Manhattan. As incredible as it may sound for a small artisanal company like us, thanks to Design-Apart this dream came true last january, with the co-design and crowd-crafting project #sofa4manhattan. As we pack our suitcases to […]

Meeting the #sofa4manhattan designers: 3 questions to Lera Moiseeva.


Lera Moiseeva is a New York based designer, originally from Tarusa, Russia. Growing up in a family of space engineers she got fascinated by images of the cosmos. She loves to work with various materials such as porcelain, glass and wood.  We enjoyed working with Lera during the sofa4manhattan design workshop which took place in New York at […]

Meeting the #sofa4manhattan designers: 3 questions to IDEO’s Joe Graceffa.


Joe Graceffa is a Design Director at IDEO, focused on designing Brand Experiences.  His passion lies in delivering holistic, human-based, emotional experiences by observing people and injecting a healthy dose of “informed intuition.” It’s been great having him involved in the sofa4manhattan design workshop conceived by Design-Apart after which he kindly agreed to answer a few questions for […]

Meeting the #sofa4manhattan designers: 3 questions to IDEO’s Warit (Top) Tulyathorn.

Ideo designer Warti Tulyathorn

Warit (Top) Tulyathorn is an interdisciplinary designer, searching for a new language of design and objects based on architecture, digital media and design criticism at IDEO.  We’ve had the luck of working with Top during the sofa4manhattan design workshop conceived and organized by Design-Apart a few weeks in New York. Top has been so kind, after the workshop, to […]

Meeting the #sofa4manhattan designers: 3 questions to IDEO’s Jerome Goh.

Ideo designer Jerome Goh

Jerome Goh is senior content manager at IDEO: thanks to Design-Apart, we’ve had the chance to meet him and work with him during the sofa4manhattan design workshop in January, along with other world-class designers. We always enjoy exploring relationships between design and craft, so we could not resist to ask Jerome a few questions on […]


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