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Perché siamo su Pinterest. Anzi: Why are we on Pinterest.

[English text follows] – Da qualche giorno ci siamo decisi ad unirci ai molti, moltissimi estimatori che Pinterest ha in tutto il mondo. Per chi non lo conoscesse, Pinterest è il social network dove l’immagine la fa da padrona totale, assoluta: ognuno ripubblica le immagini che trova più belle o più interessanti, e le organizza […]

[Video] Why the new Berto container beds do not steal space. #whyberto n.1

Why the new Berto container beds do not steal space is the title of our first video clip, #whyberto n.1.  The new advertising project is intended to provide good reasons for choosing Berto and to describe the work of our craftsmen, who create the value for which our sofas and armchairs are so appreciated. The […]


Why does the consumer choose a particular brand? We are constantly asking ourselves the same question.  For this reason, we are able to continue to improve our products.  We are setting out on a journey to explain to our clients and to the world, #WhyBerto.  The final destination of this trip is to understand the […]

The new Berto Salotti marketing strategy: “#Whyberto”

The new communications strategy of Berto Salotti, is designed just as their high quality sofas, armchairs, container and sofa beds, by hand.  Or should we say, with a hands on approach. In 2012 we will continue to post our video clips, “#whyberto”, to introduce not only our products but our way of thinking and working.  […]

Why this blog, and why you should read it. #whyberto

divano chester berto salotti

Why, why, why, remember the “reason why” in advertising? Gone are those days, it’s much better – in our humble opinion – to exchange views about brands and products with a conversation, than it is to advertise it in a dumb, one-way manner. We always ask ourselves about the reasons of our work and our […]


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