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First impressions with a new approach.

Berto Salotti

When a customer walks into our showroom, the first thing we might say could be, “Hello, may I help you?” Their first impression may be that we are attentive because we listen, we are courtesy because we offer coffee and when we begin to understand their needs and desires for a new custom made sofa […]

Nun Schluss mit den Worten. Beobachten wir die Hände von Flavio.

Berto Sofa

An irgendeinem Tag in einem irgendwelchen Moment. Ein außergewöhnlicher Handwerker vollbringt außergewöhnliche Gesten. Dieses Posting ist Flavio Cairoli gewidmet (seit dreißig Jahren arbeitet er beim Unternehmen Berto Salotti, das mit dem Preis “Brianza Economica” im Jahr 2007 prämiert wurde)und alle anderen wie er. Die Worte verlieren ihren Wert, wenn man seine Hände beobachtet, welche die Werte […]

Basta de palabras. Escuchemos a las manos de Flavio.

Artesano Sofa Berto

Un dÌa cualquiera, un momento como cualquier otro. Un artesano excepcional realiza gestos excepcionales. Este post va dedicado a Flavio Cairoli (con treinta años en Berto Salotti y Premio Brianza Economica 2007) y a todos aquellos que son como él. Al observar sus manos creando valor a partir de los materiales, las palabras pierden valor. Pieles primera flor, […]

¿Quién hay detrás de su sofá?

¿Se ha preguntado alguna vez quién hay detrás de su sofá? No nos referimos a alguien escondido detrás (jeje), sino a la mano que elaboró la estructura de madera, que insertó uno a uno los muelles, que cortó el tejido, rellenó los almohadones de asiento y los cojines, y que cosió los detalles. Detrás de […]

Perché Berto? Perché i nostri divani letto si possono aprire fino a 4.500 volte (Videopillola n. 5).

Reflections on purchasing decisions and how the price of diesel fuel affects all of us.

Price of Diesel and ...Sofas

Today, more and more consumers are seeking the price, in all things. As if everything were a gasoline pump, we have become accustomed to looking for the cheapest pump before choosing where to fill up. “These are hard times”; the economic difficulties that affect families today affect businesses as well. Having said this, does not […]

Dallo showroom: Maurizio, Filippo e un po’ di relax sul nuovo divano Ribot.

Divano Ribot by Berto Salotti

Nel nostro showroom di Meda il lavoro del team è sempre intenso, sia quando riceviamo le gradite visite dei nostri clienti, sia quando gestiamo i contatti attraverso i canali telefonici e online. Ma ci sono dei momenti in cui anche noi cediamo alla tentazione… dei magnifici prodotti che ci circondano, e – specialmente quando ci sono le […]

It would be un-useful to hide, we are very proud to present three new sofas from the 2012 Berto sofa collection: Ciak, Time Break and Ribot.

Ciak Sofa by Berto Salotti

We strongly believe that it’s healthy to speak about the satisfaction we get from our work, making high quality sofas and upholstered beds is something we take very seriously. In fact we created #PerchéBerto! a series of small video clips to give you good reasons to choose us, Berto Salotti. We would like to share […]

How can you distinguish the work of a true craftsman?  That’s easy to answer: you recognize an artisan by the calluses on their hands.

Divani e Lavoro Artigiano

It is with a mixture of admiration and envy as I follow the sophisticated approaches of communication and marketing of the big brands in our industry. There has been, however, a recent change in strategy, the big brands are only now identifying the quality of what is made by hand, at the level of the […]

Who’s behind your couch?

I do not mean someone hiding behind it (laugh) or the formal structure of the company’s guarantee but the person, who built the wooden structure, inserted the springs one by one, who cut the fabric or who sewed the details on the padded seats cushions. Behind every Berto sofa and upholstered bed there are highly […]

We listen to the hands of Flavio because they are not just talking words. 

Italian Master Artisan

This post is dedicated to Flavio Cairoli; furniture artisan, winner of the “Brianza Economica” in 2007 a prize given from the Chamber of Commerce to long term workers  who have more than 35 years with the same company. Giving Flavio a compliment seems like saying words alone they lose some of their value when watching him work. […]

The Bella Lì is a sofa bed ready to rock.

Bela Lì Sofa Bed

If you haven’t already seen our collection of sofa beds then you should know that Sofa bed Bella Lì changes from day to night in a single gesture, and, the seat and back cushions stay attached allowing for a quick and easy conversion without the clutter of cushions. This means you’ll still have room to dance. During […]


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