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[#sofa4manhattan prototype video] People have designed it. People have created it. Brianza has prototyped it.


Master Artisans see the importance of their role grow and grow, in crowdcrafting approaches to production. In this short video we see Berto Salotti Master Artisans put their skills at the service of a co-creation project: as many of you already know, #sofa4manhattan has been co-designed and co-created in New York. In between, the prototyping […]

Come fa un artigiano di Meda (Brianza) a soddisfare le sofisticate esigenze di un avvocato newyorkese di grido? Parte terza: le mani.

Mani artigiane al laboratorio Berto Salotti di Meda, Brianza

Ci siamo già posti questa domanda, altre due volte, e ci siamo dati due risposte diverse. Prima risposta: – sforzandoci di non fare un prodotto ma di pensare a un progetto Seconda risposta: – mettendoci in rete con un team di partner validissimi La terza risposta, che vogliamo dare oggi, è forse quella che ci […]

Avete presente New York? Avete presente Berto Salotti? Ecco.

New York Living Showroom Berto Design-Apart

Ci sono progetti che sono, in sè, una notizia. Indubbiamente, per un’azienda come la nostra, avere l’occasione di essere presenti a New York è una grande notizia, e ci sentiamo emozionati nel darvela. E’ ufficiale: Berto Salotti sarà a New York, parte del “Living Showroom” di Design-Apart, in 25th street angolo 6th Avenue. Ma la vera […]

I video della prima sessione di #divanoXmanagua. E domani, 13/2, al lavoro in laboratorio!

How can you distinguish the work of a true craftsman?  That’s easy to answer: you recognize an artisan by the calluses on their hands.

Divani e Lavoro Artigiano

It is with a mixture of admiration and envy as I follow the sophisticated approaches of communication and marketing of the big brands in our industry. There has been, however, a recent change in strategy, the big brands are only now identifying the quality of what is made by hand, at the level of the […]

Who’s behind your couch?

I do not mean someone hiding behind it (laugh) or the formal structure of the company’s guarantee but the person, who built the wooden structure, inserted the springs one by one, who cut the fabric or who sewed the details on the padded seats cushions. Behind every Berto sofa and upholstered bed there are highly […]

We listen to the hands of Flavio because they are not just talking words. 

Italian Master Artisan

This post is dedicated to Flavio Cairoli; furniture artisan, winner of the “Brianza Economica” in 2007 a prize given from the Chamber of Commerce to long term workers  who have more than 35 years with the same company. Giving Flavio a compliment seems like saying words alone they lose some of their value when watching him work. […]

Speaking about Brianza, the home of future craftsmen: some ideas for discussion.

As we have always said, we like to keep an open dialogue, not only when we are involved in public events, but also and especially here on our blog site. We have been asked several times recently to speak about our work. This kind of attention is flattering, which led us to reflect on how […]

The Fuorisalone comes to Meda!

April is the month of the Salone del Mobile, for years it’s been a reference point in the world for the home furnishings industry.  It all began in 1961 to promote Italian exports of furniture and home furnishings, thus it has emerged as one of the world’s most important events for the Italian furniture industry. […]

What is the future of Made in Italy? The challenges for AnalogicoDigital at the next FuoriSalone with Berto Salotti and the makers!

It’s called AnalogicoDigitale the initiative by the author, Stefano Micelli, (whom we’ve already spoken to and about his extraordinary book, “Future Worker”, which has become a great inspiration for us in marketing) in addition designer and professor Stefano Maffei, from Politecnico di Milano, of whom we’ve also had the honor to meet at the Fuorisalone. […]

– 5 giorni al FuoriSalone. Online il sito di AnalogicoDigitale!

Siamo molto orgogliosi di questa ottima piattaforma online, creata da Tecnificio, che presenta tutti i contenuti distintivi del progetto AnalogicoDigitale, sia in italiano che in inglese. Non manca, naturalmente, una pagina dedicata ai protagonisti del progetto e una sezione per gli uffici stampa. Tra i primi contenuti preparati dal team, c’è anche il primo dei […]

Ten questions for “Futuro Artigiano” with Stefano Micelli

We mentioned earlier that the essay “Futuro Artigiano”, by Stefano Micelli, had fascinated and interested us. Truly it’s a vision that is interwoven with our way of thinking; creating value based on working with your hands is what we have done from our first day of work, in 1974. Professor Micelli teaches economics at the […]


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