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Domani, 8 aprile 2014, press preview di sofa4manhattan presso Onwards, al FuoriSalone Brera.

Sofa4manhattan al FuoriSalone Milano 2014

  E’ quasi pronto. E’ un divano ambizioso, pensate: è stato progettato da un team internazionale per essere il divano ideale per New York! E’ un prodotto Berto-ma-non-solo: ideato grazie a Design-Apart, è stato realizzato in crowdcrafting da Maestri Artigiani e privati cittadini newyorkesi, designer importanti e giovani makers. Secondo Diego Paccagnella, racconta un’idea nuova […]

2 days to go to the sofa crowd-crafting workshop in New York. Introducing the team who designed #sofa4manhattan.

berto design team for sofa4manhattan

Imagine being in New York City, surrounded by top talent, world-class designers, trying to figure out the best possible sofa for Manhattan. As incredible as it may sound for a small artisanal company like us, thanks to Design-Apart this dream came true last january, with the co-design and crowd-crafting project #sofa4manhattan. As we pack our suitcases to […]

Meeting the #sofa4manhattan designers: 3 questions to IDEO’s Joe Graceffa.


Joe Graceffa is a Design Director at IDEO, focused on designing Brand Experiences.  His passion lies in delivering holistic, human-based, emotional experiences by observing people and injecting a healthy dose of “informed intuition.” It’s been great having him involved in the sofa4manhattan design workshop conceived by Design-Apart after which he kindly agreed to answer a few questions for […]

[Video] Perché la pelle pieno fiore ha i suoi segni particolari. #percheberto n. 15

Meeting the #sofa4manhattan designers: 3 questions to IDEO’s Warit (Top) Tulyathorn.

Ideo designer Warti Tulyathorn

Warit (Top) Tulyathorn is an interdisciplinary designer, searching for a new language of design and objects based on architecture, digital media and design criticism at IDEO.  We’ve had the luck of working with Top during the sofa4manhattan design workshop conceived and organized by Design-Apart a few weeks in New York. Top has been so kind, after the workshop, to […]

Solidarietà. Lavoro Artigiano. Brianza. Futuro. Il nostro invito per il 27/5 non è solo per una cena. #divanoXmanagua fase 2.

Invito alla cena di solidarietà e lavoro artigiano divanoXmanagua

  Siamo alla fase 2 del progetto divanoXmanagua: lo diciamo con emozione, perché la fase 1 ci ha travolto positivamente con la partecipazione e l’attenzione suscitata. Mai avremmo pensato di vedere così tante mani lavorare sul divano, e così tante voci rilanciare il nostro messaggio di solidarietà e formazione dei giovani al lavoro artigiano. Dai […]

Berto Salotti e #divanoXmanagua vi invitano al FuoriSalone di Milano. Ma non a vedere: a lavorare.

#divanoXmanagua pezzo unico 100% handmade

Salone del Mobile e Design Week Milano aprile 2013: Berto Salotti sarà presente al FuoriSalone VenturaLambrate con una sessione aperta di lavoro artigiano: #divanoXmanagua Co-Creazione artigiana aperta a tutti per realizzare il primo divano prodotto dalla gente comune, per il bene dei giovani, per la solidarietà con il Nicaragua e per il futuro del lavoro artigiano. […]

Perché Berto? Perché il nostro divano Chester è fatto come nel XVII° secolo (o quasi).

First impressions with a new approach.

Berto Salotti

When a customer walks into our showroom, the first thing we might say could be, “Hello, may I help you?” Their first impression may be that we are attentive because we listen, we are courtesy because we offer coffee and when we begin to understand their needs and desires for a new custom made sofa […]

Reflections on purchasing decisions and how the price of diesel fuel affects all of us.

Price of Diesel and ...Sofas

Today, more and more consumers are seeking the price, in all things. As if everything were a gasoline pump, we have become accustomed to looking for the cheapest pump before choosing where to fill up. “These are hard times”; the economic difficulties that affect families today affect businesses as well. Having said this, does not […]

It would be un-useful to hide, we are very proud to present three new sofas from the 2012 Berto sofa collection: Ciak, Time Break and Ribot.

Ciak Sofa by Berto Salotti

We strongly believe that it’s healthy to speak about the satisfaction we get from our work, making high quality sofas and upholstered beds is something we take very seriously. In fact we created #PerchéBerto! a series of small video clips to give you good reasons to choose us, Berto Salotti. We would like to share […]

How can you distinguish the work of a true craftsman?  That’s easy to answer: you recognize an artisan by the calluses on their hands.

Divani e Lavoro Artigiano

It is with a mixture of admiration and envy as I follow the sophisticated approaches of communication and marketing of the big brands in our industry. There has been, however, a recent change in strategy, the big brands are only now identifying the quality of what is made by hand, at the level of the […]


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